Professional EMPANADA PASTRY Recipe – for appetizers and more

Be sure to have your ANNOTATIONS turned ON in order to see the ingredients and other printed directions.


  1. Rose Noire says:

    I’d love to see some recipes for traditional Russian dishes.

  2. DannoCrutch says:

    Dynamite! I’ve been looking for a great empanada recipe for years! I’m half
    way there.
    I used to go to a place in Brooklyn that was fantastic. Have never found or
    cooked one better. Thanks, Chef! Oh, I should get your book today according
    to the Tracking.

  3. Jake Riethmeier says:

    I always use them little Goya skins for these. But I have watched with much
    intent your pastry videos. Because I can do a lot of things pretty good but
    a flaky perfect like Grandma makes crust just isn’t one of them. There’s an
    over a 100 year old family recipe in danger of dying when Grandma does. I
    KNOW how to do it the way she does, but geez, I just know that there’s no
    way that if some Upper Peninsula style pasties were made in a fine
    restaurant… They would have one heck of a more efficient way of doing it
    than Grandma does it. (note, the woman can’t cook anything else) But she’s
    my Grandma… I am hoping to modernize the crust recipe. Well no, Maybe I
    just HAVE to do it like Grandma and deal with the fact that good food takes
    time. I mean I spend between 12 and 14 hours cooking a pork butt. I guess
    that’s easy though the smoker does the work. I only have abouts, My Mom
    tried to write it down once for me. Mom makes good pasties too, but
    Grandmas are better. I think it’s the matter of OCD that she has with the
    dish. Heck I’d give you the recipe if you wanted to fiddle with it. (or fix

  4. NewDaysOldWays1 says:

    Looking forward to seeing more filling recipes for the empanada pastries.

  5. Natterjak2012 says:

    Is there a way to do this without a food processor?

  6. kimono38 says:

    Is it something wrong with your video recorder? The pixel is chunky. It
    started since the shrimp stock video. Other video before that seem fine

  7. shair00 says:

    That empanada cutter/sealer looks amazing. I live in the southwest I bet i
    can find one

  8. Eric G says:

    This looks great. I ordered a set of forms and your new book arrives

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